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Beach House

Posted by anikainlondon on November 19, 2008

I took a break from boring boring Accounting to think about Beach House. Beach House are one of those bands with a name that makes searching for videos, pictures etc. hard, when you search Beach House on youtube it comes back to you with stuff like “My Sims 2 Beach House, comment please”, “How to build a Beach House on Sims 2” and weird stuff like that. They have a Black Cab session where they perform Heart of Chambers, and a Vincent Moon-esque Shoot The Player session on beach (clever clever) where they perform Used To Be and then decend into madness and do a really fun cover of TLC’s Waterfalls. Then Victoria runs to the water and then starts running behind the band, the kind of way a duck would run. It’s awesome.

I love Beach House, I love their whole catalogue. From the more lo-fi sounding eerie haunts of their Self Titled to the fuller, but equally dreamy, Devotion, and their newest single Used To Be is made of genius. Victoria’s vocals are beautiful and Alex’s dreamy guitar riffs combine together to form something really special.

I’m so, so excited for their Cargo show. The Friday before the show I have to do a presentation with my group in front of like 100 people, then the day before the show I have to do another presentation where we’re filmed. I hate presentations! The Beach House show marks the end of presentations galore and will be a celebration. Hooray for Beach House.


One Response to “Beach House”

  1. Adam said

    I ❤ Beach House. Saw them supporting Fleet Foxes earlier this year, I’d imagine they’d be great in a place like the Cargo.

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