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Tristram music video

Posted by anikainlondon on November 23, 2009

I have decided to take a STAB (I love that phrase) at animation. Here is a song from Tristram’s forthcoming EP. My video has birds and talking pencils n’stuff:

Hope you like it. I like making stuff, at the detriment of the tidiness of my room.

Oh yeah, and Tristram is playing at the next Allotment show on December 1st with Caitlin Rose. YES!


11 Responses to “Tristram music video”

  1. Arabella said

    NICE!!! let;s make one for snowplough!

  2. Angela said

    Anika, your video is awesome! Hopefully the first of many.

    • anikainlondon said

      Thanks, Angela! Yes, my friend Alan and I plan to make one on Friday and then the next day my friend Lynn and I plan to make one for a song from Lynn’s boyfriend’s new EP. Both songs are really wonderful and should be fun to do.

  3. Christoph said

    That´s a great video! Well done!

  4. alessi said


  5. Paul B said

    This is utterly adorable – and perfectly compliments the wonderful song. I watched this after a long, long day at work which began at 6am (following a late night gig) and ended at 5.30. There was no espresso and it rained. So I came home, had a scotch and watch this while I was cooking some duck eggs.

    Result? Smiley me and spirits lifted. Awesome 🙂

  6. Gerlin said

    I love it too! It’s so simple yet so genius. Really really is. I’m excited to see what more animation stuff you’ll do!

  7. Becca said

    So awesome! How long did it take you? Makes me want to try, but I think I would give up 1/4 way through!

  8. […] Tristram too much, Anika – whose blog, Anika in London, is well worth a read – has made this sweet video for Tristram’s forthcoming single, ‘Someone Told Me a Poem’ – which is out […]

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